Monday, September 10, 2007

Timberlake: "I'm Dating Timbaland"!

He couldn't contain his feelings at
Jet Night Club, Las Vegas at
1st September

What we always knew was finally confessed by Justin Timberlake: He's currently dating his producer Timbaland! It all started to be clearer when last night the producer told Justin he was number one (See "Is Justin Timberlake Dating Timbaland?"), but what was rumoured before, has now been confirmed. "Yes. It's 100% true. Me and Timbaland are dating. We're very happy and we're taking it seriously. I'm glad he can be a awesome friend and something else simultaneously, he's special and a great person" tells Justin. He adds: "It's all about romance. I spend a lot of good times with him". Timberlake confesses his homosexuality and says that he has never been bother with the expeculation: "My sexual choices were always suspected by the press, they always knew it! So, what's the problem, now? Jessica Biel was just to tie it, we've always been friends. I was just sick of faking it, I couldn't deny it".

Here are some pics of the cute couple, click to enlarge:

Jet Night Club, Las Vegas

"Oh, we move on our same way!"

"I'm sorry pretty, I'm not single"

MTV VMA's 2007 Sound Check

"Holdin a bottle just because I can't hold your hand"

"Ooh, looking at my beautiful butt?"

"I'm glad you're here to protect my ass"

"Timmie! Look what I found: Our third sex partner!"

MTV VMA's 2007

"Hot damn, you're so close to me!"

"Isn't my boyfriend adorable? He said I was number one!"

"Oh, there you are again, bring me sexy back"

"Are you stealing my boy, 50? Don't you dare!"

"Hey 50, our bed is huge! I'm sure Tim wouldn't mind if you spend the night with us"

"I love that fat flap at your head!"

"Hey, don't look at him! He's mine!"

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