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Friday, June 22, 2007

PowerBowl Accident And The End Of a Successfull Career

The story:
She had invited him to participate on her concert (which would be very good for him cause he hadn't got many fans, and Janet has lots of them.) So...she was really kind for him and what have h done instead of saying "thanks a lot janet for trying to make a famous pop star and to invite me to perform with you" NO!
He humiliate her, in her own concert!


It wasn't an accident Justin. Don't lie about it cause there are a lot of videos that prove that you took it off on propose.
Like this one

Does she looks like she's expecting that? Does she looks happy? or worried and with shame? And desapointed with you?! huh?

And there are worse!
In Timbaland's song give it to me Justin sings a bit, and what he says is dedicated to Janet Jackson.
This is it:

"Could you speak up and stop the mumbling
I don't think you're getting clear.
Sitting on the top it's hard to hear you from way up here.
I saw you tryin to act cute on tv just let me clear the air.
We missed you on the charts last week
Damn that's right, you wasn't there.
If sexy never left, then why's everybody on my shi it it?
Don't hate on me just because you didn't come up with it.
So if you see us in the club go on and walk the other way
Cuz our run will never be over; not at least until we say"

He is a TRAITOR!

Justin is always saying that he doesn't feel angry or upset with what Britney did to him (put a huge pair of horns above his head) and that he and Brit are good friends. The truth is that Kevin has being cheating on her and she is defenetely not Okay. She has two kids to look after and her husban is not helping. But her "friend" Justin is making the things become worse and worse. First he makes jokes about her on TV shows, second he makes songs saying that she deserves to feel the pain and to be in depression and finally, our traitor friend goes out at night with kevin federline while he should stay at home looking after the kids. How does Brit feels after all?
What Fucking friend do this kind of things? can you tell me? He is a FALSE person that doesn't deserve any respect!

Gay Positions/Moments/Movements

Darling look at me! i look more like a girl than you! aha aha hummm i'm damn sexy! could you please send this photo to Brad Pitt or Robbie Williams please. I'm sure Angelina Jolie is afraid to lose "the sexyiest woman alive" because with this pic i'm in the competition

What about my ass? humm! Oh sorry, I saw a girl...I fart againg...shit! could somebody borrow me some pants please?! mines are durty. And I need a toilet!

I'm sure that boys are gonna like this woman's sunglasses...

What about my stupid face and freaky smile?

And my lip? do you like it? humm naaaaaaa

In this one I'm serious cause the photographer wasn't supose to be there taking photograph's while my boy was kissing me, but, whatever...

"This is my favourite! From my ballet class! amazing! look at me? I could have been a professional ballarina"

Britney Once Said That Justin Has a Cork (Instead of penis) She Said That Because Justin Can't Get an Ejaculation!

Which means that he and Brit have never had sex, normal sex...

After six months N'Sync's Justin Timberlake has recovered from what medical scientists are calling the "worst case of testicular inflammation we've ever seen." Often known by the slang term "blue balls," testicular inflammation is usually caused by an extended period of sexual arousal without ejaculation.

"Look, I dated Britney for two years and she just wouldn't put out," says Timberlake. "I hated to end it but I couldn't stand it any more. She just is resolved to save her purity until marriage. Of course, we kissed, touched and played around a lot. Maybe too much."
"Justin was nearly unable to walk during the last months of their relationship," says Dr. Harry Wiener of the Mayo clinic.

Why Do We Think He's gay...WHY?!

Why is he always happy when he's next to a men? And why does he get angry and sad when he's next to women?
let's see...

With his girlfriends

How can someone straight call cute to this thin?!?!?!?

...with his boyfriends...

Look at those gay shoes over there! he was looking to brad pitt! look at his smile! OMG! "humm! I wish that sexy boy quit Angelina and i'll sing sexycacKle just for him!"

Justin's Fans Don't Understand Why Do We Hate Him So Much... Why Is It People?

Why is he always interested to know other's men's sizes?
I'm sure that my cousin that is 7 years old has a "thing" bigger than Justins cork.

Justin Timberlake won the prize of "bikini's summer award" which has been given to the most sexy and famous girl that wears bikini. But this year, Ms Timberlake changed the things. She is so sexy that she receives another award, with the same effect as the first one, but this one is given to the gayest guy that wears bikinis. Cool! And borat was nominee too. Lol.

Does he has style with that strange clothes? he looks like a prostitute with his grandmother's shawl covering his mouth. Damn rediculous! LOL

Why do we think that this thing is ridiculous...?

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Justin Timberlake's HATERS Having Some Fun

The best thing of all these is that when somebody copies Justin's moves (and copies well), he or she looks rediculous...why? LOL...but funny!

At least she has style... (PS: Ela é sopinha de massa não é?)

Esmee, she has an amazing voice! she could also ask justin to stop singging and leave that job to her!

Justin Timberlake Made the Voice of "King Arthur" in Shrek

Justin's real life transported into the movies!
Now I understand why they chose Justin to make his voice. It's because in the movie, Justin is always crying, being punched and kicked by everybody...He is the NERD of the movie

Sunday, June 17, 2007

OMG...HE ALWAYS FARTS WHEN THERE'S A GIRL NEXT TO HIM...This is true I swear! and he doesn't like to have sex with girls, that why he has a CORK !

QUICK! look at me while i'm suffering here! quick! i can't stand looking to a girl more than 5 seconds! have you recorded me doing this? can i stop pretending that i like girls?! jesus...i hope i don't need to touch a girl anymore...i always farg when they get next to me...iaaarck...god bless the boys! I LOVE THEM! JT->GAY
look at him running!! lol

Justin Timberlake Got Punk'D! Poor BGirl... She Almost cried...