Monday, September 10, 2007

Is Justin Timberlake Dating Timbaland?

The chemistry between Justin Timberlake and Timbaland! are they dating? justin timberlake is gay, i knew that! but i wasn't expecting that he was dating Timbaland.
But Timbo was so romantic! and justin is so happy with his boy! Justin diserves a sweet fat black guy like timbaland! Good luck boys
OMG! they really diserve each other! Both copy cats non talented people, both Gays, both song stealers. What can I say?
enjoy the video!

Justin Timberlake really enjoyed himself at the VMA after-parties last night.
The multiple award winner just cancelled his Monday night concert at the Arco Arena in Sacramento.
No reason was given.


CARINA said...

ahahha.. JT is gay!!
AHahaH.. ; )

Anonymous said...

kay.JT wasnt there because he's extremely sick.dont be hate him and you've made a website?dont you think thats going a little over the top?lol if you hate him so much why are you obsessing over him?