Friday, December 21, 2007

miss cockyberlake didn't get any award?! ohhh...

Did you see the MTV Europe Music Awards 2007 show?
no? Pity...I didn't too because the nominees were just shit.
Anyway...miss timberlake was nominee for four awards

Best solo artist
best urban
best show
video star

Now guess what!
This lady won last year's awards for best male (male?? she?? WTF!!) and best Pop...everybody says he is an RnB why did he receive this award?
very unfair!!

anyway...this year we made justice and he didn't receive ANYTHING!

AHAHAH!! being nominee for four awards and leave without any!! HILARIOUS haha! we warned you to do not be cocky...but you are so stupid that you still believe your somebody in the music business...FREAK!

you are a really good entertainer! you have no idea how you make us laugh about you!! ahah
yep! you can call him Miss looser!
his career won't get far, even knowing that there are a few dumb people that like his...voice? (OMG!!)...SONGS...(WTF!!) what a heel do they like on JT? Jesus...