Monday, May 21, 2007

A Few More Videos for Ms. Juju's Haters

If you listen carefully to Justin's 'Sexyback' song , you'll hear the name "LANCE" . In case you don't know , Lance Bass was a member of the AWFUL boysband 'N Sync , which had also as member our dear Ms. Juju . He's actually gay . And Justin loves him , for sure .

Cry Me a River Parody ( If that dude was Justin , poor dogs .. )

Robbie Williams talks about Justin Timberlake on stage : "He was in a boyband , but I was in the mighty , mighty Take That (...) And I have some moves of my own" . Afterwards , Rob shows Justin what is dancing , not acting like a copycat monkey !

Robbie Williams regards Justin Timberlake as gay on behind the scenes of 'Radio' , while playing a game called 'Gay or Not ?' with a few girls . The girls agree with Rob , and he imitates Justin on 'Rock Your Body' . Are you now realizing how ridiculous your voice is , Juju ?

Robbie Williams takes mick out of Justin Timberlake , making fun of 'Sexyback' on a gig , Milton Keynes .

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Let's Meet Justin Timberlake and See What he Does in His Stupid Gay Life...

Justin Timberlake - What's the problem of being Gay?

Justin Timberlake and his "Male Idol"

Britney Spears and her ex-girlfriend, Miss Justina Timberlake (The one with curly hair)
Yeah... justin has a dolls collection, lots of hair products, a a bed where he always sleeps alone cause he doesn't let nobody enter there...that's whe he has a little finger betwen his legs...we usually call it Juju's cork!
this one in fucking funny mate! watch it!

Justin Timberlake having some fun with women's clothes, but don't worry! It's not his first time...

Justin is a banana with a cork instead of the banana. And he is false too cause he says that he is a Britney friend but at the end he keeps playing around and making jokes and saying horrible things about her. What kind of friend do that?... special attention to the [23sec]...i'm a slaaaaaaaaaaaaaave for youuuuaaaaa

Hey look...justin his pretending that he is gay! Ohhh sorry I forgot...He is really Gay! aha touching

Hey hey! what a "strange thing" is justin afraid of that girl?...does he likes girls?...NO! aha aha GAY puff

Justin Timberlake - The Leprechaun Sketch SNL - Click here for this week’s top video clips

Friday, May 4, 2007

Welcome to Anti Justin Timberlake Blog !

Welcome everybody who hates Justin Timberlake ! Today , Freddy suggested me and Mary-Ann to create a blog or website exclusively dedicated to our pure hate for Ms. Justin Timberlake , who we usually call 'Juju' . So, prove us that more than 3 people in this world hate Justin by leaving your comment and visiting the blog . Remember that we also hate him , and we want this blog to be a place where all Juju's haters can express their feelings about him .
Now , I should introduce ourselves : I must say that all of us , contributors of this brand new blog , are fans of the british singer Robbie Williams . In my opinion , it's common that most of Robbie's fans are Justin's haters . Maybe because Juju is hardly trying to have the same fame as Robbie . A truly copycat . Me and Mary-Ann have an other blog , wrote in Portuguese , that we want to be visited by you ! Here's the link :
Let Robbie Williams Entertain You Blog . If you are Portuguese and you like Robbie Williams , there is no doubt that you'll like it ! We are all from Portugal .. but we don't know each other ! LOL ! We write this blog in English , so everybody can understand us easily , that's the main reason about the language . But we are thinking about translating it to Portuguese as well . I think that's all , but if you have more questions , don't hesitate and ask us !
We hope you have a good time here !