Thursday, September 13, 2007

Justin: "For this Christmas I want a Dick in a box"

How can Justin Timberlake put his dick in a box if he doesn't even have one!?
Oh i got it! That's what he wants for christmas!!
But from who? This guy in the video looks like he needs a dick too so, is JT going to ask that damn dick to Timbaland?
well justy, I hope that instead of receiving one of those in a box someone makes him swallow it so he can shut the fuck up.
And JT, if you really have something between your legs that isn't a vagina, don't call it penis, call it cork!

how can he receive a emmy for this shit??
OMG!! if they give emmy's for lyrics and musics like this, i'll start to copose some shit, cause even in coma I can do much better that that two assholes


Mary-Kate said...


Freddy74 said...

Take a look inside!
It's my spot in a box!