Monday, September 3, 2007

Robbie Williams Song Dedicated to Justin Timberlake

One of the Robbie Williams RUDEBOX songs might be about Justin Timberlake.
I'm not talking about "Dickhead" even knowing that the title suggest's a lot that it is about Justin. I'm talking about "THE ACTOR", the seventh track of Robbie's album.

Those are some shorts of the song that reminds us Miss Justin:

it's in the choices that u make
no talent just fake!
good from far but far from good
u love to act i wish u would(because justin said he would stop singing to become a full time actor)
the truth would break u so u lie(because JT is gay)
made of sex(because he pretends he's masculine in his videos)
new york (where justin is from)
apha male(from JT movie alpha dog)
you are the good you are the great (cause jt is cocky)
now let me fill you with my hate(cause all Robbie's fans hate jt, and robbie hates him too i think, lol)

You can listen to the full song here

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timberfake !