Friday, June 22, 2007

Justin's Fans Don't Understand Why Do We Hate Him So Much... Why Is It People?

Why is he always interested to know other's men's sizes?
I'm sure that my cousin that is 7 years old has a "thing" bigger than Justins cork.

Justin Timberlake won the prize of "bikini's summer award" which has been given to the most sexy and famous girl that wears bikini. But this year, Ms Timberlake changed the things. She is so sexy that she receives another award, with the same effect as the first one, but this one is given to the gayest guy that wears bikinis. Cool! And borat was nominee too. Lol.

Does he has style with that strange clothes? he looks like a prostitute with his grandmother's shawl covering his mouth. Damn rediculous! LOL

Why do we think that this thing is ridiculous...?

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Anonymous said...

I don't get why all the fans are thinking he's a great artist, he can't even sing, with his horrible voice, no style to dance, and when he opens his mouth, looks ugly. His behavior is embarrasing. Go kill yourself Justin. And don't come out with another fucking album.
He sucks !!!!