Friday, June 22, 2007

Britney Once Said That Justin Has a Cork (Instead of penis) She Said That Because Justin Can't Get an Ejaculation!

Which means that he and Brit have never had sex, normal sex...

After six months N'Sync's Justin Timberlake has recovered from what medical scientists are calling the "worst case of testicular inflammation we've ever seen." Often known by the slang term "blue balls," testicular inflammation is usually caused by an extended period of sexual arousal without ejaculation.

"Look, I dated Britney for two years and she just wouldn't put out," says Timberlake. "I hated to end it but I couldn't stand it any more. She just is resolved to save her purity until marriage. Of course, we kissed, touched and played around a lot. Maybe too much."
"Justin was nearly unable to walk during the last months of their relationship," says Dr. Harry Wiener of the Mayo clinic.


Mary-Ann said...

he already use his penis with the gay guy from the gay band he was /(N*sync ? )

Mary-Kate said...

is it true , or it's just your fertile imagination , Fred ? LOL ace , by the way .

Freddy74 said...

that is true i swear!
This means that justin and Britney have never had sex!
they're relationship finished after 2 long years and justin said that they didn't do it (sex)because of her purity, lol...does he mean that she was virgin or...that if justin tries to have sex with her using his machine (or should i say "little cork"?) it will be excactly the same thing if he doesn't do anything?!
after all, she cheated on him and said in public that he has got a cork between his legs (so she saw it!)
but wait a minute...she saw it...and she was virgin?...and she and timberlake haven't had sex?
let me have a guess please!
he took off his pants, and when brit saw his "thing" she said something like this: -" aha aha aha your finger is really cute honey! lol...but you can't give me what i want, and i don't want to see you nacked anymore! you look like an N'sync member, very feminin!"