Friday, June 22, 2007

Gay Positions/Moments/Movements

Darling look at me! i look more like a girl than you! aha aha hummm i'm damn sexy! could you please send this photo to Brad Pitt or Robbie Williams please. I'm sure Angelina Jolie is afraid to lose "the sexyiest woman alive" because with this pic i'm in the competition

What about my ass? humm! Oh sorry, I saw a girl...I fart againg...shit! could somebody borrow me some pants please?! mines are durty. And I need a toilet!

I'm sure that boys are gonna like this woman's sunglasses...

What about my stupid face and freaky smile?

And my lip? do you like it? humm naaaaaaa

In this one I'm serious cause the photographer wasn't supose to be there taking photograph's while my boy was kissing me, but, whatever...

"This is my favourite! From my ballet class! amazing! look at me? I could have been a professional ballarina"


Mary-Ann said...

thats funny budy!
thanks a lot for sharing these pics with us! that shows how much gay he is

Anonymous said...

OMFG ! I thought the first pic was a lady ! but the second one makes me remember Take That on 'Pray' (!).. so I'll say nothing concerning that pic ..

Anonymous said...

na quarta foto ele está com boca de brocheeeeeee ! LOOOOOOOOOOL x'D

Freddy74 said...

Lol!!!!!!!! His mouth was made for making broches mary-kate! Lol!!!
that thing is so damn strange! neigher elton john does so many GAY things like this thing

Anonymous said...

My mother is heterossexual and she doesn't have anything, really anything against gay people. But yesterday, when I was watching this website on her computer and she was just next to me, she said: "who is that guy? he looks more gay than anyother of the group" the group that she was talking about was N'sync.
Which means that teenagers aren't the onlyones that say tha tjustin looks a lot like a gay-guy!