Friday, October 5, 2007

More canceled shows...

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25 Sep 2007
When a popstar cancels a show they normally say that they needed to cause they are tired and stressfull.
That Sunday JT confessed on stage that he canceled those concerts because he was on hangover.
He has canceled plenty concerts because of hangoving. Why? He just goes out with Timbaland and his Gay "friends" from that stupid boyband N'stink
He never goes out with his "girlfriend" he's never at home or anywhere with her...which is really amazing! Maybe he still farts when there's a girl next to him, and he just don't want his house to smell oh SHIT! I bet Jessica as already told him that his perfume frangrance STINKS!
Then he drinks till he fells off, cause nobody stands that NERD no more. JT doens't support girls! That's a fact!
Heyo Jay! Why don't you finaly admit that you're a FAG ASS?! Then you woulnd't need to worry about hiding your sexual preferences.

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