Monday, May 21, 2007

A Few More Videos for Ms. Juju's Haters

If you listen carefully to Justin's 'Sexyback' song , you'll hear the name "LANCE" . In case you don't know , Lance Bass was a member of the AWFUL boysband 'N Sync , which had also as member our dear Ms. Juju . He's actually gay . And Justin loves him , for sure .

Cry Me a River Parody ( If that dude was Justin , poor dogs .. )

Robbie Williams talks about Justin Timberlake on stage : "He was in a boyband , but I was in the mighty , mighty Take That (...) And I have some moves of my own" . Afterwards , Rob shows Justin what is dancing , not acting like a copycat monkey !

Robbie Williams regards Justin Timberlake as gay on behind the scenes of 'Radio' , while playing a game called 'Gay or Not ?' with a few girls . The girls agree with Rob , and he imitates Justin on 'Rock Your Body' . Are you now realizing how ridiculous your voice is , Juju ?

Robbie Williams takes mick out of Justin Timberlake , making fun of 'Sexyback' on a gig , Milton Keynes .

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